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  • Sport Tables 2.0

    Sport Tables 2.0 is a software for managing sport tournaments. It can be useful for tracking results and statistics of national/international
  • Times Tables 2.3

    Times Tables have long been the way to teach children 'simple' multiplication. Chanting their way through the tables gives them the basic tools they
  • Time for Tables 1.1

    Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises, will help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive
  • Tables Explorer for SAP R/3 0.3.2

    Tables Explorer for SAP R/3 0.3.2 offers you a useful database utility which is designed for structure and data of tables in R/3 System. Access more
  • Easy Tables 1.1.35

    Create tables and open or save them in CSV files. Create tables and open or save them in CSV files. Easy Tables allows you to create tables and
  • Valgetal Tables 1.00

    Practise the multiplication tables in a game This math game challenges you to practise the multiplication tables by controlling the placement of
  • EZ Math Tables 2.3.1

    EZ-Math Tables covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition to being grade specific, it's "Auto-advance" mode can track your
  • Conversion Tables 8.0

    Want to know how many seconds are in a century or how many tablespoons are in ten gallons? Conversion Tables will convert most metric and standard
  • Steam Tables 6.1

    You can use Steam Tables program for defining the properties of water/steam. It is using IFC formulation for providing the Thermodynamic properties
  • Multiplication Tables 1.4

    The handy software for students is Multiplication Tables that let them to select which multiplication table they will learn. They can display the
  • Statistical Tables

    Statistical Tables lets you calculate statistical data easily and powerfully. Key features of Statistical Tables: ?? Normal Distribution and
  • Periodic Tables 1.0

    This is a set of periodic tables that can be downloaded as one file. The set contains the following: Standard Periodic Table. Element orbitals.
  • blueshell Active Tables 3.00.0005

    blueshell Active Tables are much more than a database grid! blueshell Active Tables are designed to connect Visual Basic 5/6 as well as all the
  • blueshell Active Tables for .NET 3.0.5

    blueshell Active Tables are much more than a database grid! blueshell Active Tables are designed to connect Visual Basic 5/6 as well as all the
  • SoftFuse Nice Tables 1.9.6

    SoftFuse Nice Tables is an visual HTML table generator. Just import your data, select any of numerous color schemes and hit "Generate!".
  • Tools for Excel Tables 2.1

    Essential tools for data analysis and tables management for novice and advanced Excel's users.A set of tools that will strengthen your Microsoft
  • Tables Transformer for Excel 1.3.1

    Tables Transformer for Excel 2000-2010 will allow you to fast and easy transform current tables to construct pivot ones; to divide one table into
  • Discount Pool Tables 1.0

    Pool table screensaver for your computer. Screensaver shows all different kinds of shots from different anglesl of pool tables and billiards
  • Times tables and operations 1.5

    Operations tables and technics This software is intended to elementary school children, who are learning calculation. Thanks to it they will be
  • Kids Tables and Time 1.3

    Math practice software for children aged 4 and above. A challenging and entertaining way to learn counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • Tables Transformer for Excel 1.3.2

    You can use Excel compatible program Tables Transformer for making Pivot tables. You can make pivot tables easily and quickly wither by dividing
  • Alcyone Astronomical Tables

    Alcyone Astronomical Tables is an application that is intended for real fans of astronomy. It is designed for those who have some knowledge on this
  • Auriga Times Tables 1.0

    Today's technology can help you learn the Times Tables without you notice. Discover how the subliminal technology that is used in science and
  • Scuba Diving Tables 8.6

    Have you ever needed a quick and easy way of doing your scuba diving tables ? Well Now you can with the BRAND NEW Scuba Diving Tables . The Scuba
  • The Times Tables Teacher 2.0

    This program helps children to learn and test their Multiplication Tables. It includes the 12 single Times Tables, and a set of mixed tables from
  • Times Tables Viewer

    This application is intended to help young to adolescent people with their Times Tables. This application is a great tool for educational needs.
  • Tuning Tables LucyTuning 1.0c

    LucyTuning is a musical microtuning system derived from Pi and the writings of John "Longitude" Harrison. This system enables users to modulate and
  • Arithmemouse Times Tables 1.0

    Arithmemouse Times Tables is a Windows based video game that gives children an opportunity to learn times tables facts 0-12 in an entertaining
  • Dive Tables Creator 2.0

    You can use inclusive software Dive Tables Creator not only for creating and modifying but also looking up dive tables. It can also be used for
  • Excel Join Tables Software 7.0

    Merge / combine two Excel tables into one based on a common column of data from each table. The two tables can be located in the same Excel file or
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  • Thunderbird-Tray 1.2

    Thunderbird-tray is a system tray Launcher tool for Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular e-mail client. You can use TB-tray to hide Thunderbird to the tray while you don't need it. When you click the tray Icon, TB-tray will
  • 12Ghosts TrayProtect 9.70

    To keep track of many tray icons you may hide those that you don't need all the time. You can still access such hidden tray icons in the context menu of 12-tray. 12-tray will also restore tray icons after a 'crash' or
  • My Tray Folder 1.03

    My tray Folder is a launcher. Start the program and an icon will appear in your tray displaying the date. Click on it and your folder will appear. Put anything in your tray folder you want... shortcuts, files, or other
  • Tables Transformer for Excel 1.3.2

    You can use Excel compatible program tables Transformer for making Pivot tables. You can make pivot tables easily and quickly wither by dividing tables into several ones or by combining two tables in one. It supports
  • Tray Wizard 4.03

    tray Wizard is designed to greatly extend user's convenience while working in Microsoft Windows products family. It provides a wide range of abilities in a task bar system area (i.e. system tray) management. With tray
  • PS Tray Factory 3.2

    PS tray Factory is a powerful and handy tool meant to flexibly control ALL the other icons in the system tray of the taskbar. PS tray Factory will help you to manage all the applications that place their icons in the
  • Clock Tray Skins Lite 2.01

    View the time, seconds, month, week and day in different skins in the Windows system tray clock. Clock tray Skins is the advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock. Over 50 skins are included in the
  • Tray Organizer 2.4

    tray Organizer enables you to make any changes for your system tray (area near the clock). You can move or hide icons, reflect icons on the panel or tray's Organizer menu, hide tray or clock. Also you can minimize
  • Tray Timer 1.0

    tray Timer is an enhanced stop-watch program that helps you time certain events on your computer, or help you keep track of how much time you spend on a specific task. Its special features are: Simple Interface; Pause
  • u-tray

    u-tray is a tray application developed by u-blox to support real-time GPS satellite monitoring in Windows 7. u-tray provides a convenient graphical view of visible satellite parameters provided by a USB-connected u-blox
  • SysTrayX 4.00

    SystrayX is designed to maximize the way you can use your system tray and is doing that with a few important features : - SystrayX helps you hide some of the less used icons from the system tray - the hidden icons can
  • InnoTools Tray 0.1

    The handy software InnoTools tray is specifically designed for allowing installer to minimize itself to the tray. You can get to know about installation progress by popping up an information balloon on the tray icon. It
  • Atomic LaunchTray 1.0

    The handy program Atomic Launch tray lets you start programs as well as websites, and documents directly from the system tray. It is located in the system tray and enables you to insert links of favorite programs or
  • Excel Join Merge or Match Two Tables 9.0

    Do you need to know how to join two MS excel tables with a common column from each table? Wouldn't it be nice to have a table wizard to merge the tables/lists together? If that's what you need, then you've come to the
  • MySQL Join Two Tables Software 7.0

    You can use the handy software MySQL Join Two tables for joining, combining and merging two tables of MySQL. It uses common column of data for merging two tables horizontally. It does not change the tables and creates
  • Tray Minimizer 2.4

    tray Minimizer enables you to hide any window in System tray. Why? We often need to launch many applications at the same time and all of them are opened on the TaskBar. If more then 7 - 9 windows are collected, then such
  • Atomic Launch Tray 1.01

    Atomic Launch tray is a program that sits in your system tray and enables you to add links to your favorite programs or websites and access them quickly from the system
  • sWeather 1.3.8

    tray-based weather app featuring multiple location support. tray icons for conditions and temperature (optional). tray icons and images are
  • Dive Tables - Pocket PC Edition 2007 8.0

    Leave your dive tables at home when you go scuba diving, bring Dive tables - Pocket PC Edition 2007 instead. Dive tables - Pocket PC Edition 2007 is the only Pocket PC based dive table lookup application. Dive tables is
  • CD Tray Timer 3.0

    The small and handy application CD tray Timer is used for opening and closing your CD tray at a set time and date. It is very helpful if you have media centre setup where you operate the tray remotely and works like a
  • AllToTray 4.1

    Allows you to minimize ANY window to your System tray. It adds the option -Minimize to tray- to the System menu of the window. If you have checked this option, this tool will minimize the window to your System tray
  • MinimizeToTrayTool 1.5

    Utility to automatically minimize any application to the windows tray. MinimizeTotrayTool is a freeware open source utility that allows the user to minimize any application to the windows tray. Unlike similar
  • Tray Cleaner 2.0

    "tray Cleaner 2.0" is a simple freeware utility to clean past items for the system tray (notification area) even if they are not visible. "tray Cleaner 2.0" is a portable application (after you installed it once the
  • Tray 2.5

    tray is a simple utility to open and close the optical drive tray. The installer has options to create both desktop and Quick Launch Icons. Uninstall via Add/Remove Programs. tray saves and restores its screen position
  • Tray Icon Manikin 1.0

    tray Icon Manikin is a simple developer's tool that lets you easily test your icons at tray bar. Choosing icons for a newly built software may be a nightmare and a terrorizing work. Because your icon must be shown very
  • TrayIcon Pro 2.1.251

    Use your tray as a launch pad! trayIcon Pro is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 application that was developed to let you quickly run your favorite applications and folders directly from the system tray. trayIcon Pro
  • Alltray 0.69

    With Alltray you can Dock any application with no native tray Icon (like Evolution, Thunderbird, Terminals) into the system tray. A high-light feature is that a click on the "close" button will minimize back to system
  • TrayX Control 1.00.003

    tray/X is a 32-bit light ActiveX control that allows your application to display an icon (with tool tips) in the system tray. It is often desirable to display an application in the system tray rather than on the taskbar
  • Times Tables 2.3

    Times tables have long been the way to teach children 'simple' multiplication. Chanting their way through the tables gives them the basic tools they need to understand multiplication. This game is not only focused on
  • STI 1.06

    STI component provides an easy way to enable your VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET, or other COM environment applications to get system tray icons and all the information about these icons also you can hide a specified icon from